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Guru Prem Kaur, SS

SS Guru Prem Kaur Khalsa was born in Chicago, IL on March 6, 1951, as Nancy Mary Ule. She
grew up in Southern California, where she graduated from Rolling Hills High School in 1969 and
then attended UCLA. From the time she was very small she was not quite of this world, being
innately attuned to that of the spirit. She seemed to cope with childhood traumas by finding
solace in her inner world.

Guru Prem was uniquely beautiful, quite slender, nearly 6 feet tall (“5 foot 11 and one half” as
she would say), and carried a distinct air of mystery. These qualities made her the love of the
camera lens; so much so, that in her late teens she was on the verge of a professional modeling
career. She was drawn away from that path after attending her first Kundalini Yoga class in
January 1971. Almost immediately she dropped out of college, moved into an ashram in West
L.A., and then attended her first Summer Solstice Sadhana in Paonia, CO that same year.

At the 1972 Summer Solstice she married a handsome young man and they had one child, Adi
Shakti Kaur. She and her husband became ministers of Sikh Dharma and took their Amrit vows.
She is the only person I know who, from that day of Amrit Sanchar, faithfully recited the
complete Nitnem every single day, until perhaps 1-2 years ago when Alzheimer’s took away her
memory of it.

When she and her first husband were divorced, she lost custody of her toddler daughter due
largely to her own mother’s testimony that she was an unfit mother. I don’t believe Guru Prem
Kaur ever recovered from that double trauma of loss and betrayal.

Throughout multiple marriages, living up and down the West Coast, and finally settling in
Espanola about 25 years ago, she maintained a deep love for the Gurus and serving in
Gurdwara. She was an avid student of Gurmukhi, Punjabi, and even Hindi, all in efforts to better
understand Siri Guru Granth Sahib. She knew more stories from Sikh history than most of us. In
the early 2000s she traveled to India with a sole purpose: to meditate within Hari Mandir Sahib.
Many students experienced being in the presence of Darbar Sahib and its healing sarovar
through “Journey to the Golden Temple” guided meditations offered by Guru Prem Kaur at
Summer Solstices and elsewhere.

Numerous now adult children remember with love, being a student in one of her exquisite pre-
school programs that she ran in Los Angeles and then later in Espanola. She connected easily
and joyfully with small children and found so much fulfillment in this work! This carried over to
Sunday Gurdwara services at Hacienda de Guru Ram Das, where you could always spot her tall
silhouette at the very front, delightfully leading the little ones in Celestial Communication for
many years.

Guru Prem Kaur never had much more than a very basic income, but she felt great wealth in
her life and never felt “poor” at all. She lived simply, kept her cozy homes immaculate and organized and, despite all hardships, was always attired in elegant bana, carrying herself withthe regal bearing of a daughter of the Guru.

Our beloved sister Guru Prem Kaur left this world at last on February 7, 2022, due to
Alzheimer’s Disease. She is survived by her daughter Adi Shakti Kaur and siblings, Carol, Siri Ved
Kaur, and Robert. Her ashes are scattered at Kiratpur Sahib and Ram Das Puri, as she remains
forever now in the lap of Guru.

Contact: Siri Ved Kaur sirived.khalsa@heartsandhandsnm