In the tradition of service, Hearts and Hands came together when a small group of people recognized a need in the community. Someone had fallen and was unable to get around, and this group of friends organized food, doctors visits, transportation, and other help that was needed. When others found themselves in similar situations, Hearts and Hands was there to help.

“You have to live with kindness, compassion and service.  These are the three sources of all knowledge, happiness, prosperity and richness.” – Yogi Bhajan

We invite you to become a part of Hearts and Hands – however you are most comfortable. Our new website is being established to create a link between those who wish to help and those in need of help. Click on the Lend a Hand tab to see sangat assistance needed and then click on our interactive calendar to sign up for something. Click on the Donate Today tab to make a contribution of money or items. Our Links and Resources page offers many local contacts. And the My Story section is a great place to tell your story of how the sangat answered a need you had.

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