In Memoriam

“You are those sons and daughters of destiny; you are those Siblings of Destiny whom God has loved with His own consciousness and own heart”. The Yogi Bhajan Library of Teachings, 7/4/84.

“In a normal way of life, death means separation. It means that a dear one has left. Death means sorrow or sadness. In Sikh Dharma we celebrate death with music, with kirtan, with prayers and with langar. We say a prayer for the person who has gone home. So American death and Sikh American death are poles apart. It should not be a sad situation. It should just be very bright, very beautiful”. Siri Singh Sahib Ji, “Merging with the Infinite”, 3/11/85.

“Death is an ultimate friend, not to fear with conscience clear, one awaits its kiss. The ultimate key to heaven’s majestic peace, everlasting bliss is in that wonderful sacred kiss”. The Yogi Bhajan Library of Teachings, 6/2/86.

“When you walk on the path of destiny and the fatal blow of death will come, you shall be liberated”. Siri Singh Sahib Ji From “Merging with the Infinite”, 4/24/91.