Adi Kaur

May 19, 1947 – June 26, 2017

Adi Kaur was born on May 19,1947 and passed from this earth on June 26, 2017…one month into her 70th year. She had suffered for seven years from a multitude of complications resulting from a hypertensive brain hemorrhage.

Adi was born in Ohio and lived there until she was seventeen. She was a beloved only daughter, with an older and younger brother. The family, of mostly , lived close to many aunts, uncles, and cousins. Adi’s high school life was filled with success—she was gifted in her studies and enjoyed playing clarinet in band. The day after graduation was life-altering for this strong yet sensitive soul. The family relocated to Phoenix, Arizona to be close to relatives who had recently moved there in order to get out of the north’s cold, snowy winters. Yet for this sweet soul, at this time in her life, the move was a bit of a culture shock and brought about some uncomfortable big changes.

Adi briefly attended junior college and married young. She and Steve lived in Tempe, Arizona, where they both worked for U-Haul for over 30 years. Adi was a devoted wife,mother of two beloved children, and grandmother of five. From the time she met Steve, he had had a debilitating heart condition, from which he eventually succumbed. After many difficult years, Adi found great joy in getting to know people in the Phoenix ashram, 3HO and Sikh Dharma. Taking part in activities with the sangat, and women’s courses with Sangeet Kaur, awakened her love for spirituality. She became enthralled in her studies of this new lifestyle. On her first Yatra to India with the Siri Singh Sahib and a small, intimate group, they visited shrines where Lord Buddha had been. Adi loved this time with her teacher.

As time and space meet, a Master then enters into one’s Destiny. The Siri Singh Sahib stepped in and told Adi to move to Espanola, NM to work with Sun & Son, Inc. She thought she would be applying her vast experience of working on main frame computers & programming, as she had done under the employ of U-Haul. But by the time Adi arrived, Sun & Son, Inc. had dissolved. Nevertheless, Adi kept up on her new path! Then the Siri Singh Sahib positioned Adi at corporate Akal Security. She excelled and served tenaciously and devotedly for many years, often putting in long hours after the workday was done. At the very beginning of Adi’s employ at Akal, Kudrat Kaur introduced us. Kudrat intuitively knew that the two of us would become great friends and support each other in our lives. We became the sisters and best friends that had been missing since both of our childhoods.

We later moved into our new home, named Amar Nivas by the Siri Singh Sahib. For 19 years we filled our lives with much seva for him and for the sangat of Hacienda de Guru Ram Das. Adi was devoted to reading in the weekly Akhand Path. She was a wonderful spiritual sister and devoted friend to me, and later to my husband Scott as well. For years we co-hosted many events in our home, including one very special night ofrenowned ragis from the Harimandir Sahib.

Adi loved life in the sanctity of our community. We went on two yatras together to India, one being on the 300 the anniversary of Khalsa in Anandpur Sahib, and the other being the last yatra the Siri Singh Sahib organized. Together we also traveled to Florida to attend Winter Solstice, and afterwards to enjoy Epcot Center and visit with my Mata, who Adi regarded as her second Mom.

We attended all the Summer Solstices/Peace Prayer Day, White Tantrics and weekly classes with Yogi Bhajan. Each Sunday we set up the sheets for Gurdwara together, participated in the Prakash, and then attended faithfully, with joy. Adi loved dressing in finery for the annual birthday party honoring the Siri Singh Sahib.

Adi also enjoyed attending performances like River Dance, Stars on Ice, Arlo Guthrie concerts, Lyle Lovett concerts, ballets, operas and Christmas concerts at the Lensic. These events were completely new in her life – she soaked them all in with love! When Adi became ill, and for the seven years until her passing, Scott and I – her family – devotedly attended to her 24/7. She was content in her new status, ever smiling and peaceful. Into the lap of Guru Ram Das, she flew; with many prayers and chants done daily for her. Gurbani Kirtan always played in our home until her last breath. Shortly after her passing, her ashes were scattered on the Healing Walk at Ram Das Puri. She lived as Adi Kaur Khalsa and died ‘unofficially’ as Guru Charan Kaur Khalsa. The Siri Singh Sahib honored her with this second name. She worked and played hard; and lived a blessed life of service, grace, and smiles. Well-earned a life of Waheguru.