Siri Atma Kaur

9/26/02 – 5/12/21

A Tribute to Siri Atma Kaur Khalsa
by Guru Prakash Singh “Kash” Khalsa

Siri Atma Kaur had a very real approach to life – almost zero duality.  She had an assurance about her that came from the fact that she absolutely knew what she wanted… and always obtained that thing!

Siri Atma was beyond judging if things she liked were ” bad for her” or “good for her.”  She saw past that and was at peace with herself and her actions.  She was anatural-bornenergetic leader among her friends and peers –even when she didn’t want to be; especially when she didn’t want to be.Siri Atma never chased—she decided, then acted.

Her favorite thing in the world was to be surrounded by loved ones making merry and relaxing and doing nothing concerning the trivial necessities of living on the physical plane.  tt was a blessing to be able to do some little practical thing for her because it was clear that she didn’t want to do it!

Everyone she knew loved her, even if they didn’t like her all the time. Even if you had a problem with Siri Atma, you would always bend over backwards to help her.  Ofcourse you would!  The amount of stress she took away  from any of her friends/family/peers far outweighed any stress she caused.

 Siri Atma instinctively knew what “home” felt like, and replicated it everywhere she went.  She always wanted to feel ‘at home,’ and since Siri Atma wanted it…it manifested all around her.  That was the magic of Siri Atma. Siri Atma was so sweet and her smile lit up many a room. I personally feel truly blessed to have been born at a time shared with that great soul.  We will always love her.

Siri Atma Kaur Khalsa died in a car accident near Embudo Station on the way to her last day of high school at Taos Academy.  She was 18 years of age.  Siri Atma was born in Espanola, NM, attended Trio School, then Santa Fe Waldorf, and then MPA.

Siri Atma Kaur is survived by a multitude of close loving family:-

Mother, father and sister:
Jiwan Shakti Kaur; Siri Nirongkar Singh & Sarib Jot Kaur

Sat Santokh Singh & Prabhu Nam Kaur
Erin Carney & Jane Futcher
Steve & Betsy Down
Siri Bhrosa Kaur & Kirtan Singh

Aunts, uncles & cousins:
Nam Kirn Kaur, Snatam Kaur, Rishi Parbhaat Singh, Sat Hari Kaur, Guru Amrit Hari Kaur, Andy, Steve, Jaap Preet Kaur, Alixe, Forrest