Avtar Hari Singh, SS

September 10, 1945 – July 15, 2021

SS Avtar Hari Singh Khalsa was a member of the Khalsa Council and a brilliant leader in our Dharma. He held degrees from MIT and Harvard Business School and served in every one of our Dharmic businesses, every for-profit, and every non-profit Dharmic organization. In 2007, when the community fought the effort to sell off all the business assets, Avtar Hari Singh stepped up to lead the legal battle. He worked with the attorneys to organize the court case, communicated with the world-wide community, and raised the money to pay the bills. After four years of that struggle the court found in favor of the Sikh community and Avtar Hari Singh led the settlement effort that secured the assets for the future.

For 33 years Avtar Hari Singh was the husband of Ravi Kaur. They started their marriage in Los Angeles, then lived in Espanola until 2015. They moved to Portland and a few years later they retired to Mexico. Avtar Hari Singh died peacefully in his sleep at the age of 75, in their home in Merida, Mexico. Good friends visited to say goodbye and to honor him. His humor and laughter, his friendship, and his leadership will be missed as we remember and honor his contribution to the Dharma, and the love he shared with us all.